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Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Four game changing tips you can easily follow to make your house look more polished.

1. Hanging Small Curtains

Usually the most common mistake I see is homeowners choosing smaller window treatments. It could be due to cost or measurement error, but when you go small it makes your room and window look tiny.

DON'T do this:

+Buy short curtains

+Keep the rod same size as the window

+Hang the curtains right above the window trim

DO this:

Install the curtain rod as close to the ceiling as you can

Extend the rod 12" past the edge of the window

Check the curtains; they should ALWAYS touch the floor

By hanging the curtains higher than the actual window height, it will give the windows a more prominent look and the illusion of high ceilings. Extending the curtain rod a few inches past the window allows the curtains to rest on the side and allow more sunlight to flow in.

  • Pro Tip: Always check the height of the your ceiling and curtain panel. That will determine how high you can hang them.

2. Buying the wrong rug size

Adding a rug can make a big impact in the room. The size of the rug really defines the space you are setting.

DON'T do this:

+Get a small rug for just a coffee table or one furniture piece

DO this:

+Choose a rug that covers the entire furniture layout or at least go halfway

(see photo below)

+Buy a large rug that is big enough to cover the area when you pull out the chairs

Don't be cheap and buy something small. One rug should touch all furniture pieces. Buy a rug size that allows you to do that.

3. Hanging art too high and too small

A rookie mistake I see very often is people hanging their artwork wrong. It's either too small or too high. The way artwork is hung can throw off the feel of the whole room.

DON'T do this:

+Put a small artwork that doesn't match the scale of the space

+Hang it too high

+Space them too far apart

DO this:

+Hang the artwork 4"-8″ above a piece of furniture

+Buy a piece that fits the scale of the room or furniture

+When hanging 2 or more art pieces space them 2"-3" apart

Before you nail the wall, trace the frame on a large sheet of paper, cut it, and tape it to the wall. You can then experiment with the location of the artwork before making those holes.

  • Pro Tip: Buy a piece that is ⅔ of the size of the furniture below it or create a gallery wall with multiple small pieces

4. Purchasing Bedroom Sets

My biggest ick is when people buy furniture sets that make the space look bland. A bland design lacks variety, color, and texture--and will make your room feel heavy and dull.

DON'T do this:

+It's tempting to get a deal on a furniture set that matches perfectly but don't do it

+See image below, too much of the same style

DO this:

+Keep two items in the same style (could be bedframe & dresser)

+Add a different product (nightstands or bedframe can be different piece)

+It's okay to mix and match

Have fun decorating your bedroom. It should feel collected and curated.

Avoid these mistakes or fix what you have and your home will be 100x better!


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