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How Sandra got her start: Sandra’s creative spirit and love of design started early and eventually led her to obtain her BFA in interior design at Harrington College of Design. 

During a 10-year career as a staff designer Sandra built a strong foundation. Her diverse experience includes major commercial design and high-end residential. In 2020, Sandra ventured out on her own.

Clients have dreams of the house or office space that will fit them, inspire them, and make them more efficient. Sandra has a dream too: to bring your design dream and your design personality to life. 





How we jumpstart your vision: Sandra Jessica Interiors does everything to help you visualize a space that will suit your needs, lifestyle, and personality. That’s why we provide 3D realistic renderings for your home design. Our 3D tool helps us work closely together with you to understand which elements are most important to your vision. 


We take pride in being a “fluid” designer – one who accommodates your taste, your style. We are driven to deliver design that’s so personal and custom that it feels as if you did it on your own.

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