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If you love the design world you have so many career possibilities. From set design to furniture design, discover the right opportunity for you.

1. Commercial Designer

This is a very popular area among designers and it has many subcategories. A bachelor’s or associate's degree is usually required.

You can find yourself designing:

Restaurants | Office spaces | Lobbies | Gyms | Healthcare | Hotels

As a commercial interior designer, you’re trained to prioritize functionality and safety first. Only then do you make sure it’s pleasing to the eye. You can also take part in important structural decisions: demo or add walls, select window placements, etc. You'll create technical drawings (floorplans, elevations, and specifications). Every commercial design company is different so the design standard will vary from firm to firm.

2. Residential

This field is another immensely popular area. Bachelor's or associate's degree is commonly asked for this job.

This one usually involves designing:

Homes |Some office spaces | Model units |New Builds

As a residential designer, you have more direct client contact, are in charge of the budget, work with a lot of contractors, present designs, and it’s a bit more creative and fun (in my opinion). It’s especially fun if you get a chance to design custom pieces. Most of these firms are relatively smaller in size since a lot of them are start-ups.

3. Kitchen and Bath Designer

If you’re more into a specific area of a home i.e. kitchens and baths, then you found your spot!

Here is what you need to know:

  • You are only involved when it comes to building or renovating a kitchen or bathroom

  • It's a high-demand job [I constantly see companies hiring for this role]

  • Work closely with clients or designers

  • You are the one producing quotes and drawings

  • There is a certification to be completed for this field which is Associate Kitchen & Bath Designer; AKBD

4. Home Stager

Do you have a good eye for decorating and arranging furniture? As a home stager, your responsibility is to arrange the furniture in an eye-catching manner to attract buyers. It should make potential homebuyers imagine what their home could look like.

Here is what you need to know:

  • No degree is required

  • Mostly work with realtors or home builders since they’re the ones trying to sell a home

  • There is a home staging certification you can get if you want

5. Exhibition Designer

Have you ever been to a convention and noticed the nicely designed booths? That is what an Exhibition Designer does. A Bachelor's degree is recommended in either interior design, three-dimensional design, or exhibition design.

Exhibition designers design displays for:

  • Museums

  • Libraries

  • Stores

  • Galleries

  • Conventions

For each category mentioned above, there are specific requirements to acquire before landing the role. Such as having knowledge of modular stand designs and 3D imaging. Many of the booths are custom-built for the exhibit.

6. CAD Technician

Sometimes you are prone to like the technical side more (I know I was at one point). If you enjoy and love producing detailed drawings more than being creative you might want to look into being a CAD Technician.

What to know about this job:

  • Mainly use AutoCAD or Revit to create technical drawings and floor plans

  • Everything has to be thoroughly detailed, scaled, and dimensioned

  • Work with 2D or 3D plans

  • Create detailed floor plans, elevations, sections cuts, drawing sets

  • Many firms are in need of a CAD Technician so jobs are hot

7. Production Designer / Set Designer

I think this one is a really interesting career! You are basically in charge of creating the look for a film, movie, or tv show. Hold on though, to be a production designer you need to gain experience first. It is not an entry-level position and you will need to work your way up.

What to know about this job:

  • You must read the script and understand the storyline

  • Work with director and talk budget with producer

  • Research, design, and sketch

  • Expect long hours and hard work

  • Bachelor's degree is required

8. Interior Design Blogger

If you find you are more into writing about interior design you can become a blogger. You must first find your niche and be good at writing of course.

Key things to know:

  • Start a website and gain an audience

  • You don't need a degree but you should have an understanding of interior design to write about it

  • Many bloggers make money by monetizing their blog, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, products, and services

9. Furniture Designer

Ahh, the beauty of creating custom furniture. If you love to create furnishings and are not afraid to get your hands dirty, perhaps consider being a Furniture Designer. To be in this field you must be well versed in architecture, craftsmanship, and carpentry designs.

What to know about this job:

  • Must know AutoCAD

  • Take woodworking classes

  • Be informed about furniture trends

  • Your clients may be individual people or several suppliers of a corporation

  • There are small companies that solely design custom furniture or you can become a freelancer

10. Textile Designer

Do you ever find yourself doodling or drawing patterns? Take a dive into becoming a Textile Designer.

What to know about this job:

  • You will produce designs for printed fabrics, textiles, or clothing

  • Knowledge of sewing or weaving, graphic design, and line drawing are helpful skills to have

  • Bachelor's degree is not required but many do get a degree to fully understand the fabric process

11. Freelancer or start your own business

If none of those appeals to you, you can always start your own firm! If you prefer to be a freelancer there are platforms that allow you to do so.

  • Upwork & Fiver are great freelancing websites

  • Start a design business as LLC, S corp, C corp


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